#576 Infrastructure Contact Information
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22:03:47 < ricky> mmcgrath: Generic thing: Would it be a good idea to have some place with "real life" contact info for infrastructure people?
22:04:24 < ricky> Something that doesn't require the barrier of searching in the FAS database.
22:04:26 < G> ricky: .finger files on Bastion? or puppet1?
22:04:30 < mmcgrath> ricky: like on the wiki you mean? Like my phone number and stuff?
22:05:12 < ricky> On the wiki, on bastion, whatever. I'd just feel better knowing that everybody can be reached if necessary.

Something like finger (I know it's OLD and outdated, but you gotta admit, it works) on bastion/puppet1/noc1 maybe.

I'm not comfortable for the whole world knowing how to bug me, but I'm find with the sysadmin'ers been able bug me if they feel they need to.

How about some sort of simple shared file on puppet1 or something (that we get a local copy of in case things inconveniently go down?)

Something we should discuss during the meeting...

Per meeting, assigning to myself, I'll report to meeting within a couple of weeks hopefully with a solution.

ping? I remember mmcgrath said that he was looking into something with something like sshfs. CCing him here.


I've got a contact text file in there. It's voluntary for anyone who wants to put their information down.

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