#5548 Hyperkitty header filters not working as expected
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The header filters used on the CommOps mailing list do not work as intended – email addresses from pagure.io and fedorahosted.org domains should be automatically approved.



As shown in the above screenshot, these are the header filters currently in place, but they do not work as expected. I'm not quite savvy enough to know how to fix them. I find plenty of documentation online for how to set them up in Mailman, but I cannot find anything on how it is different in Hyperkitty.

Any advice would be welcome. Thanks!

@abompard can you take a look at this?

Yeah, can you assign the ticket to me? I can't find a way to do it.

The "Received" header is a list of mail servers that have handled the emails, I don't think it's a good idea to use it to identify emails coming from Pagure. In your email I see the following headers:

X-pagure: https://pagure.io/
X-pagure-project: fedora-commops

I suggest you use one of them instead.

@abompard Thanks for the feedback. I got the Pagure filter set up and working now. Do you have any advice for the FedoraHosted filters? I want to make sure I get those right because we had to remove them on the Marketing list because some spammers figured the filters out a while back.

Also, I was going through other mailing lists I'm an owner on, and I found these filters on Fedocal. Any ideas on how to safely replicate these?


Edit: For clarification, these filters above have never worked, to my knowledge.

@abompard any comment here and we can close this one out?

I can't get to @jflory7 's screenshot, maybe a pagure import glitch?
But I suggest opening another ticket for that anyway.

Try removing the files/ from the url, after raw/, for example: https://pagure.io/fedora-infrastructure/issue/raw/22718595c72f644d4ec4fd0012bb78987021224987f653f894ddb6dc9731cbd5-Screenshot_from_2016-11-02_00-33-24.png

This is due to a change in the place where we put the file, then we changed it back :-s

@jflory7, do you still need to accept emails from fedorahosted? Haven't these servers been retired?

If you still need to, please attach the headers of an email you want accepted and I'll find something to use.

@abompard Heh, no, this isn't relevant anymore since FedoraHosted was retired. Since I don't have any examples and haven't had issues with the filters since getting the Pagure one working, I'll go ahead and close this ticket.

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