#5546 koji fedmsg plugin: only announce new koji builds when they are truly complete
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In Taskotron we sometimes get a "new koji build complete" event over fedmsg, but the build is not fully complete yet and can't be accessed in Koji. This happens for certain large rpms and always for docker images. I reported the problem in Koji and it was supposedly fixed:

@mikem said:

The postCommit callback was added here ​https://pagure.io/koji/pull-request/148

Since Fedora uses their own message bus plugin, it is up to them to take advantage, but I believe that they have. You might want to check with Fedora infra on that.

IIUIC, infra has a koji plugin to emit fedmsgs at the right time. The plugin seems to be here in ansible.

However, it seems the new postCommit callback got ignored instead of acted upon. Or maybe I simply don't understand it.

Please do necessary adjustments in the plugin to emit fedmsg only when the koji builds are fully complete.

Here's an example of a fedmsg we listen for. Important is "new": 1, which means COMPLETE according to documentation.


@ausil has put a latest git snapshot of koji into staging for testing last night.

I updated our plugin to take advantage of the new feature here:


and it seems to be working: https://apps.stg.fedoraproject.org/datagrepper/raw?category=buildsys&delta=127800

(still need to go to prod with this. waiting on stg koji to be verified by @ausil.)

OK, the F25 freeze will thaw soon.

Just an FYI that this ticket is still blocking on an upgrade of koji in production.

We are not in freeze and with the koji flag day we now have the updated koji in production.

I assume we just need to uncomment the 'if staging' ansible bits and this will be done?

Yes, that should do it :)

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