#5538 Please reduce fedmsg notifications going to #fedora-ask
Closed: Fixed 2 years ago Opened 2 years ago by ankursinha.

Some folks pointed out that the channel is quite unusable because of all the fedmsg notifications. Can we either:

  • reduce the notifications coming in by limiting them to only certain types (when a post is flagged, for example)?


  • set up a new channel for notifications and leave #fedora-ask for mods and users to use?

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Sure. We can filter to just things you want or blacklist just things you want.

Can you propose a whilelist/blacklist for us?

Any ideas here? :timer:

We were thinking of limiting notifications to #fedora-ask to just:

  • new questions
  • flagged questions/answers

to start with. This lets us keep an eye on new questions and answers for spam :)


I also think just those two hooks would be fine. For reference:

  • askbot.post.edit -- $FAS_USERNAME asked the question…
  • askbot.post.flag_offensive.add

Just sent a patch/freeze break to the infra list. Will apply as soon as I get the needed +1s.


ok, applied. Let us know if it needs further adjusting.


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2 years ago

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