#5537 Please update the fedorahosted bodhi wiki page
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I'm not sure if the bodhi source is still hosted at fedorahosted. If it isn't, can some sort of notice be placed there please?

I bring this up because the page seems outdated - for example, it has a link to http://kid-templating.org which doesn't hold information about the Python Kid templating engine. The git commits dont seem to reflect the bodhi2 development either?

I am pretty sure fedorahosted hasn't been the main bodhi development site for a while. It moved to github a while back, and I think there are plans for it to move to pagure now.

Copying @bowlofeggs here for input.

@kevin I've never looked at the Bodhi Trac until today. It does seem that it hasn't been used in almost 1.5 years.

I'm a little tempted to say "just kill it" and let bugzilla (for spec file issues) and github (for code issues, and eventually pagure instead) be the places to track Bodhi. I'm not sure what issues are in the trac, but it would take me a lot of time to read through them all to determine if they should be closed or migrated. Do we think that time would be well spent? If so, I can do it but I'd rather not.

Perhaps we can crowdsource determining whether those issues are still relevant. We could do a mass-posting on all the Trac bugs saying that Bodhi is now tracked at Github/Bugzilla, explaining which is for what, and then asking people to re-file in the right place if they think their ticket is still applicable. Then we can delete the Trac. How does that sound?

ok. Do we want to just wait until the move to pagure? Or I guess if we are importing from github to pagure anyhow, it doesn't matter too much...

I'm fine with the plan to update things. I can get you trac perms to do that? Or would you prefer I do it?

@kevin by "update things", did you mean my third paragraph about mass-closing them with a message asking them to please re-report it at $NEW_PLACE if they think it's still relevant with Bodhi 2?

I think I might as well wait until the move to Pagure since it integrates with Fedora's auth system and GitHub does not. I don't want to assume that any of the people who might want to re-report their issue have or want to open a GitHub account.

No matter which thing you meant, I'm happy to do it to save you the time ☺

I went and did the following:

  • Changed the front wiki page on https://fedorahosted.org//bodhi to point to github for issues and code.
  • I disabled permissions for people to file new tickets or modify existing ones.
  • I added @bowlofeggs as a trac admin to adjust any of that.

Once things are moved to pagure you can change the page there to point them to pagure and mass update the old tickets. :goal:

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6 years ago

Thanks @kevin, that all sounds great!

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