#5428 Create new Fedocal: "diversity-team"
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= phenomenon =

A new Fedocal instance is needed for the [https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Diversity Diversity Team] to help us plan our meetings and put other related events on our calendar for better planning.

Not sure what other information or justification is needed for a new Fedocal, but if I'm missing something, please let me know. :)

= implementation recommendation =

  • '''Calendar name''': diversity-team
  • '''Calendar description''': Meetings and events of the Diversity Team

We actually have a ticket template for these requests (type: new calendar)

It has:

calendar name:
(case sensitive)

contact email:
(point of contact for this calendar)

(short description of calendar)

Manager Groups:
(leave blank for fpca+1, otherwise group that can add/remove/edit events)

Editor groups:
(leave blank for fpca+1, otherwise group that can add events)

Can you fill in those? Is there a group you want to have permissions here?

Oops… sorry. I guess I must have missed the right component.

  • '''Calendar name''': diversity-team
  • '''Contact email''': diversity@lists.fedoraproject.org
  • '''Description''': Meetings and events of the Diversity Team
  • '''Manager groups''': (see below)
  • '''Editor groups''': CLA+1

I wasn't aware of manager groups. There should probably be a diversity-team FAS group created for this end. It may be easier to have the group created before creating this Fedocal… I'll file a new ticket shortly for the Diversity team.

Done. Let us know if you need anything further on it.

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