#5398 because of spam, contributors need to be in one of the special groups to edit wiki (Often annotated as CLA+1 )
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= phenomenon =
we need to be in a one of the many contributors group to edit wiki
it is a problem for many contributors who help in community but don't use fedora groups

translators are one example, but I assume other exists

= reason =
because of spam, signing fedora contributor agreement is not sufficient anymore (source : puiterwijk)

= recommendation =
localization engagement is already difficult : create FAS, create bugzilla, register at trans, register at trans-LOCALE, introduce yourself, log in Zanata with FAS, as to be added

and this is the "perfect" path...

as translation is the less technical way to contribute and the most error prone (context is tough to get, details are everywhere, language is evolving, surface to cover is huge, it changes all the time), the engagement process should be made easier, not the opposite

the wiki is our only common tool for communication and coordination

as I understand the spam problem, what solution can we have not to have additional barriers ?

Pingou offert one solution : create an fr-i10n group and sponsor people into it once they've introduced themselves on the list?

But I think is is too much work, there is dozens of languages and I won't bet we'll find an active sponsor for each team, and this add a lot of complexity for everyone

Well, not sure what to tell you... if we had a better idea we would have done that. ;(

We didn't make this change lightly.

What sorts of pages do the folks you mention affected by this usually edit?

after discussion at flock, can be close, we'll use the current group and rename it

ok. I also think that a 'wikieditors' group might help other places too, so I may create that soon also.

Thanks for the feedback.

Hey all,

I'm just seeing this ticket, but this is an idea we had discussed in [https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-commops/ticket/80 fedora-commops#80] and the consensus in the community there was to try to adjust on-boarding requirements to avoid using the wiki as a requirement, outside of something specific to the Ambassadors.

It was something that generated a lot of discussion in the ticket and in the meeting. Maybe a wikieditors group isn't the best solution to the problem? In either case, I just wanted to add this context to the ticket since it was something we had discussed in detail there and voted against creating a ticket here for it.

Well, see https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-infrastructure/ticket/5434 which is someone who does a Fedora remix and only wants to edit/keep up to date their remix info. I don't see how any existing groups would cover this corner case.

I agree in general on-boarding should be adjusted to not need wiki access, but I think there will be cases of people who need access but no existing groups match, and making one for their case is too specific.

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