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This has been moved from the schedule to the ticketing system.

I'll be working with lmacken to deploy this in App[1-2].
To my knowledge Luke already has a working version, and he only needs a place to deploy it in Prod.

I have a hacked up version of stickum on publictest2 in /srv/stickum. It should be hooked up for FAS authentication. It's a bit old, so we should probably check if upstream has made a new release.

can we verify the latest version, and place it in pt1 to do a preprod environment before deploying it in the apps ?

I'd really like to see this in Fedora before we deploy it (I know that sucks) I'd settle for having it at least packaged and available in infrastructure.fedoraproject.org

Sorry if I'm missing something, but why do we want to maintain something like this when there are many good ones out there, continually adding features? (http://dpaste.com/ comes in mind, which could be an opportunity to try django on our infrastricture)

By the way, I have a Fedora-themed version of stickum (latest SVN from http://stickum.googlecode.com/svn) in my home directory on bastion- The only modified files should be stickum/stickum/templates/.kid, stickum/stickum/static/css/.css, and start-stickum.py (the #! line)

Update: I modified Stickum to remove the dependency on !SilverCity and use python-pygments (thanks for the pointer, glezos) for syntax highlighting instead (which seems to be in Fedora already- woo!)

You can see this version at http://publictest5.fedora.redhat.com/stickum/ and get the code from my home directory on bastion or pt5. This instance should also be setup for i18n (see stickum/locales/messages.pot).

Sweet! Nice work Ricky.

Ok, so just a few of things before I can see this going live:
* We all agree that we actually want to host something like this (board approval?)
* paste.fedoraproject.org domain
* We need to find a home for the code (fedora-infrastructure repo?)

Can anyone think of anything else ?

Replying to [comment:9 lmacken]:

We won't need board approval for this, also is the code in Fedora / EPEL? Thats really the best place for it. If it isn't there why not?

FYI: I just sent a message to spleeman, the stickum author, to see how open he is to collaborating. I'd hope that we could work with him to implement things like pygments vs silvercity, some sort of plugin to import a paste to bugzilla/trac and things like that. We'd still have to package this for Fedora and retheme but working with upstream would be a definite plus here.

Modifying the milestone since this is not going to happen by Fedora 8.

heh, moving from F9 to F10. Any word on this?

This has not been active since F9. I'm closing the ticket please re open it if someone is willing to take ownership of this project.

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