#5291 Sysadmin access to various systems
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It would be good if existing sysadmins could access various systems (without sudo), just like apprentices.

= problem =
I'm sysadmin of Koschei. This role sometimes requires me to log in to systems other than Koschei, for example to diagnose malfunctioning of services that Koschei depends on, usually in staging, so that I don't need to bother their admins.

= analysis =
To have access to these systems I'm currently a member of fi-apprentice group, but I don't feel I belong there - currently I'm not looking for new things to do. Moreover, fi-apprentice membership requires me to send monthly status reports, which are probably just needless noise on the mailing list.

= enhancement recommendation =
- create a group (or reuse existing one) that would allow existing sysadmins to have access to various systems that fi-apprentice can access
- allow sysadmin-koschei to access systems that Koschei uses (without sudo), at least in staging environment

How about 'sysadmin-veteran'

That denotes it's someone who has been around and knows their way...

+1 to kevin's idea. Read-only access to the servers that the fi-apprentice group can access would be super helpful. sysadmin-veteran sounds like a good name

'sysadmin-veteran' sounds good, but simply adding me to 'sysadmin-noc' should work too.

This has been created.

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