#5281 unable to edit mailing list subscription with non-fedora-account
Closed: Fixed None Opened 6 years ago by jhein.

= bug description =

Years ago, I subscribed to users.lists.fedoraproject.org. It appears
that now one has to have a fedora login to subscribe. However, when
I subscribed I did not have a fedora login and now that I do, the
email address associated with my fedora login is different than the
email address subscribed to users@. I cannot find any way to modify
my subscription (edit settings, unsubscribe, etc.) of my pre-fedora
account email that is receiving daily email from users@ now.

When I go to
and try to login using 'Login by email' with my email address that is
subscribed to users@, I get:

"Your email address is new to us. Please create a password to use with

I tried to add the email to my FAS profile here:


That just gives:

"This email already belongs to a user"

I can't find a way to get to my list subscription settings now.

= bug analysis =

= fix recommendation =

I've pushed a fix that should remove the "This email already belongs to a user" message. You should now be able to add your previous address to your profile. Could you try and report here if it works? Thanks.

Yes, the "This email already belongs to a user" is gone now. And I added my alternate email and could edit the list subscription settings.

No confirmation email went to the primary email about the new email being added. If that's not hard, it would be a good idea. It'd be nice to be notified when an email gets added. Yes, usually, it will only be initiated after logging in and should be secure. But what if I typo the email address and it goes to the wrong recipient. I'd want to know if that ever got confirmed so I could take corrective action.

Anyway, thanks for the fix. The separate notification to the primary email would be a separate bug (enhancement?), so this one can be closed.

p.s. the reason I wanted to edit my subscription settings was that I noticed the digest style changed. I used to get a full digest of N mail messages (i.e., a digest attachment - Content-Type: multipart/digest - which then encapsulated the mail messages - this could be viewed with a threaded email reader and you could follow threading in the digest). Now there's a separate attachment for each message (no encapsulating multipart/digest), and I can't see the messages in a threaded format.

This happened with the switch from mailman 2.1.12 to 3.1.0 around April 2-4 timeframe. The question is: mailman bug? Intentional mailman simplification? Or do you know if this is possibly a tweakable setting in mailman 3? I see some different 'Delivery Mode' options - I'll try 'Summary Digests' instead of 'Mime Digests' and see if that restores the "better" (IMO) behavior.

Again (regarding the change in digest behavior described in this p.s.), that's a separate issue from this bug.

Resolved - fixed! Thanks.

I doubt I'll bother opening a bug for the confirmation email issue I raised above, but consider it as a feature request if it makes sense.

p.s. Summary Digests didn't help turn on multipart/digest, by the way. I've asked the question upstream.

There usually is a confirmation, It might be in your case it didn't send one because abompard did something to unlink/relink it.

p.p.s. The multipart/digest now shows up in MIME digest emails (as of some time on 20160525). Upstream fixed this bug in mailman3 (https://gitlab.com/mailman/mailman/issues/234). And it seems fedora infrastructure has started using a version of mailman3 that includes that upstream fix (in the as-yet unreleased 3.1.0) - thanks for that.

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