#527 Remove MirrorManager repository redirects from to-be-released version to rawhide repos

Created 9 years ago by mmcgrath
Modified 9 years ago

The day before the release comes out, ensure mirrormanager is setup to properly handle the new Fedora 9 users.

rel-eng will push F9 updates prior to the F9 release so that mirror manager can be directed at this repo instead for F9 users. See https://fedorahosted.org/rel-eng/ticket/22

We've created empty repos for the Fedora 9 updates and updates-testing repos. We need to turn off the redirection for these repos, and re-point Fedora 9 requests to the updates repo until tomorrow morning. THis will allow us to enable rawhide to be F10 tonight.

done at 9:30am EST. Will be picked up by the next mirrorlist just before 10am.

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