#5265 Localization Fedora Developer Portal to other languages
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Nowadays Fedora Developer Portal is available only in English.
We would like to translate it to other languages.
We need to prepare an infrastructure for it.

I guess, Zanata is proper place.
Nowadays we have an issue for Spanish and others comes later on.

So, we don't control/manage zanata.

You will need to follow:

to create a project there and set it up. Once thats done you can use zanta-cli to push and pull the translations.

Since we just pull from your git repo I don't think there's anything for us to do here, we should be able to just get the translated content when you commit it? If there's something further we can help with here, just let us know, otherwise I guess we can close this?

Speaking with Petr seems we have 2 solutions, as the plan is to make all the developer portal python based:

1) We can setup a project in Zanata and create a source file of all strings we can push to Zanata then. This has two cons:
You need to setup the repo to work with the project type you want to choose (gettext is normally the default one L10n folks use): http://docs.zanata.org/en/release/user-guide/projects/project-types/
As we pull the files just from the Github repo you have to pull translation files from Zanata manually into Github, at least once a day or so. That's not time effording, but also it is not really comfortable.

2) You concentrate more on the porting to python and as it is a static website we can work on getting developer.fpo under the websites wing, where we have all in place for pulling translations automatically directly to the server. I could take care and help setting up the project in Zanata, afterwards also with pushing and fixing issues in the translation process.[[br]]
Sure, this means we need to postpone this task until we are ready to merge the repo from github to the websites pagure repo.

I don't see any other ways to get L10n done otherwise.

Let us know when you have a schedule.
It would be convenient to have different "document" for each part of you website.

I see each tool/technology/block may have a few documents, it would make sense to have them in one file. So we can have one document per subject.

One good example on your website is Docker : https://developer.fedoraproject.org/tools/docker/about.html

One good example in Zanata is Release-Notes : https://fedora.zanata.org/iteration/view/fedora-release-notes/f23/languages/fr
=> you can see documents per theme (easier to : find where strings are, understand context, invite experts to contribute to subpart of the translation)

Whats the status here? Is there anything for infrastructure to do here?

So, no news here? @phracek feel free to reopen this if there is anything for Fedora Infrastructure to do here... IMHO it would be best if we got the developer site merged into normal websites, or perhaps docs websites (although they are still trying to figure out their translation setup).

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