#5207 Explore uses for donated CDN
Closed: Fixed None Opened 7 years ago by kevin.

We have been approached by a CDN (content delivery network) provider that wishes to donate their services to us. :)

We need to explore how best we could use such a network or adapt to using such a network.

Static websites content seems like it might be easy to test out.

mirrors seems like it would be more complex and heavy, but perhaps we can find a way to use it for heavily accessed content.

Ideas and suggestions welcome.

The obvious thing that comes to mind is for the immediate demand following releases.

Yeah, thats definitely an option, although what subset of the content would be best to send there. Possibly isos, but might be other stuff as well.

We are now using this with the fedoramagazine.org site.

We should consider other ways, but they should probibly have their own tickets.

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