#5173 RFE: shortlinks for permalinks in mail headers
Closed: Fixed 5 years ago Opened 6 years ago by mattdm.

= problem =

The Archived-At links are really long. For random example,

http://lists.fedoraproject.org/archives/list/cloud@lists.fedoraproject.org/mess age/R23TP2HUYD7CSDR3BQWOEIR3NZQZS2ZM/

This is annoying for two reasons: first, when including links in other email, it goes over the traditional 72-character limit for line length, and in general looks like a sore thumb. And second, in the header in mutt in gnome terminal at 80-column width, the line is split in a way that isn't recognized as a URL and contains a linebreak when copied, thus making the link hard to use.

Could there be an automatic short link like



= analysis =

I reported this upstream https://gitlab.com/mailman/hyperkitty/issues/60 and got the response "You should be able to add this yourself if you want. Just write a new view that redirects to the hyperkitty view and hook it up to whatever url you want."

= enhancement recommendation =

I guess this is a local config thing? In that case, can we have it, please?

Since we are using it for paste now, we should be able to easily use https://da.gd/ if we want for this.

@abompard Thoughts?

Hey! This is definitely not a config-only thing, but it can be written. The idea would be to write a Django component (app) that would subscribe to the hyperkitty.lib.signals.new_email signal and register the new URL with da.gd. However, I wonder where this URL would be displayed then.

If we want to display it instead of the "permalink" link on the message views, the django app would need to override the hyperkitty/messages/message.html template to change this link. The thing is, this template is pretty long and it would have to be kept in sync with hyperkitty's, so it's risky.
I could split this template is more sub-templates to allow for an easier customization though.

IMHO this isn't an issue for Hyperkitty to solve, but rather one for email authors and recipients' clients. Several arguments against this as an RFE:

  1. Hyperkitty's an upstream project and tying it to Fedora's da.gd service outside Fedora doesn't seem like a great idea. It could be e.g. a plugin, but now the code gets more complex.
  2. The suggestion here is barely short enough to meet a 72 or 80 character width limit. A substantially longer domain name means the solution stops working. Coming up with a shorter hash-link would require a mapping/lookup, which is even more complexity.
  3. Terminals aren't restricted to 80 column width. :-)
  4. Most people are reading in web email clients nowadays, which don't have this issue.

This is Aurélien's call, but in my view this is more like closed/wontfix, and leave it to netiquette to take care of this.

There are a lot of situations where having a gigantic URL is ungainly, even with modern email clients. But I can use da.gd manually if it's too much work to integrate it smoothly. The upstream comment seemed to imply that it would not be significant work.

I'm a bit confused as there is also an upstream PR to add a 'shortlink' to the web interface.

It's not clear how 'short' it is however...

So, what shall we decide here? closed->wontfix ?

Or can we trivially add a da.gd shortened version to the email headers?

Closing this out... reopen if there's something we want to do here.


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