#5167 hyperkitty performance
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= phenomenon =

Many pages in hyperkitty load slowly, and actually opening a thread is really, really slow. I'm seeing list info pages take 2-5 seconds, as do the overview pages for each list archives or bringing up a specific month. But bringing up an actual discussion is killing it — I'm seeing times ranging from 18 to 25 seconds picking threads at random from devel list or council-discuss.

= reason =

I dunno. :) I'm reasonably sure it's not my network connection.

= recommendation =

Response should be fast enough that it's not noticeable. Anything else is going to kill user adoption.

I also notice that the time is 90% in waiting for something from the server, while firefox just sits there saying "connecting". The actual page render isn't super-speedy either but that's a much later optimization.

FWIW, this seems related to being logged in or not.

When I am not logged in, pages load quite quickly.
If I login, the same pages take much longer to load.

Perhaps something related to database queries when you are logged in?

I'm having a hard time reproducing this issue, thread pages load in 3-5 seconds here, and I'm logged in. Can you point me to a discussion that loads slowly? It may also be something related to your account, do you see this slowness too Kevin?


yes, I am seeing it too, but only when logged in.

I finally reproduced the issue with pfrield's help, found the bug and fixed it. I deployed the fix, can you confirm that it's back to a reasonable load time?

(FYI, the load time used to be proportional to the number of lists the logged-in user is subscribed to).

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