#5144 Deprecate/EOL Fedora Hosted
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= phenomenon =

Fedora Hosted and [https://pagure.io Pagure] are somewhat duplicative in nature and we should only be running one code hosting service.

= background analysis =

Right now Fedora is essentially running two code hosting services, Fedora Hosted and Pagure. While Pagure is newer, it is almost certainly the service we want to see projects using in the future.

There are probably critical features not yet implemented in Pagure that we'd need to drop Fedora Hosted. However, I'm not suggesting we need 100% feature parity to do so. For instance, mailing list support may be one feature on the "good enough" list, while support for non-git SCM's isn't.

= implementation recommendation =

  • Assess the makeup of FH projects:
  • % per SCM
  • % active in last week/month/three months/year
  • (other appropriate data TBD by team)
  • Determine what sort of assistance we can provide for data migration
  • Based on the above, formulate a plan for a suitably gentle phase-out process, with completion before the end of Red Hat's FY2017 (end of Feb 2017)

I think an assessment of what we have in fedorahosted currently is a good idea to start with.

Then a list of things we need from pagure or other code to export data.

We can discuss this more at this weeks meeting.

So, a quick stats gather gives me the following...

So far this year (2016) here's all the projects that have updated trac tickets and how many they updated:
(although some of these may be spam updates and removals)

5547 Fedora Freemedia
777 Fedora Infrastructure
692 freeipa trac
630 Project Dogtag
569 FESCo trac
529 389 Project
368 Fedora Release
291 fedora-badges trac
234 Design Team
227 Community Operations
213 bind-dyndb-ldap trac
182 APAC general
175 SSSD trac
160 fpc trac
113 FAmSCo trac
112 fedora-latam trac
85 EMEA-Request-Tracker trac
76 Marketing Team
45 G11N trac
43 cloud trac
40 fedora-websites trac
39 council trac
38 packager-sponsors trac
38 ipsilon trac
38 FAmNA Trac
34 North America
28 Fedora QA
28 Fedora Ambassadors
24 pkgdb2 trac
21 marketing-team trac
15 Fedora Internationalization
14 fedocal trac
11 fudcon-planning trac
11 FedoraReview trac
10 linux-pam trac
10 Koji trac
8 mod_nss trac
6 liveusb-creator trac
4 indic-typing-booster trac
4 FreeOTP trac
3 irc-support-sig trac
3 bodhi trac
2 workstation trac
2 rpmdevtools trac
2 fedora-security-team trac
2 Fedora Account
1 spin-kickstarts trac
1 sigul trac
1 python-pytest-multihost trac
1 nunc-stans trac
1 mock trac
1 gss-proxy trac
1 gss-ntlmssp trac
1 certmonger trac

I mailed about 5 of the busy projects asking for feedback.

Also, will try and talk to other various projects in their irc meetings this week to gain any feedback we can from them.

I'm afraid Pagure is far from replacing trac.

We need
reports/queries and the ability to define new reports
ACLs: access to instances based on groups and users. some trac instances such as the emea-swag-tracker even use per-ticket
custom input fields (list, dropdown, ...
default asignees
... and much more

Replying to [comment:4 cwickert]:

I'm afraid Pagure is far from replacing trac.

This is why we are trying to gather requirements and get those things implemented. ;)

We need
* reports/queries and the ability to define new reports

There's some other folks that also have requested this. There's some ways to do reports via labels. Would you be willing to file a pagure.io ticket with your use cases?

  • milestones

These are implemented via labels now: https://docs.pagure.org/pagure/usage/roadmap.html

  • ACLs: access to instances based on groups and users. some trac instances such as the emea-swag-tracker even use per-ticket

Depending on what you mean here, we do allow groups and users for commit to projects. There is plans for private projects: https://pagure.io/pagure/issue/300

  • custom input fields (list, dropdown, ...

I don't know if this is planned. Can you file a pagure issue with your use cases?

  • templates

We have templates for tickets: https://docs.pagure.org/pagure/usage/ticket_templates.html

  • default asignees
    ... and much more

Can you please prioritize the things you need and file tickets on pagure with use cases?

We want to try and implement things as best we can for folks, but we need to know what those are.
Keep in mind we don't want to just reimplement trac, there may be some workflow changes, hopefully for the better.


Stumbled back on this ticket, figured I would add a quick update based on recent discussions and announcements.

= Sunset date: 2016-02-28 =

Both announcements have an FAQ section with more information about the migration. Also worth noting, some of the Tracs linked above have successfully migrated already.

= Migrated Tracs =

= In progress =

And I'm sure there's more as well… but these are the ones I'm actively aware of.

fedorahosted is retired.

We still have all the data and can get that to interested maintainers anytime.

There's likely to be some stragglers we need to work on, but overall I think we got most everything moved. Thanks everyone.


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