#5040 can't find the current mailing lists from the home page
Closed: Fixed None Opened 7 years ago by chrismurphy.

= phenomenon =

http://fedoraproject.org/ -> https://getfedora.org/ where the word "list" doesn't appear anywhere. The closest similar link, forums, directs away from fedoraproject.org to a 3rd party, http://fedoraforum.org/.

I have to do a google or duckduckgo search to find them.

= reason =

Lack of link for mailing lists on the home page.

= recommendation =

Put a link on the home page for mailing lists. I'm thinking of this one:

Or maybe there's a more appropriate one now that the hyperkitty switch has been flipped.

It's not your account, it's something with the messages that are currently in the moderation queue.

Hopefully Abompard can fix it up. ;)

I'm confused what the moderation queue has to do with no link for mailing lists on the home page?

https://getfedora.org is a brochure site made primarily for end-users. Do you feel a link to our ML is a support channel for end users? In my eyes it is not, it's more a contributor channel. Therefor it should not be on getfedora and the other websites, but it will be for sure an important link to put on Fedora Hubs (which has the contributors as main target), once we are ready with them.

Closing this, feel free to re-open or discuss on the websites list if there's further discussion to be had.

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