#504 fedorahosted: trac: login/logout

Created 9 years ago by sdeasey
Modified 5 years ago

There is a 'login' link at the upper right of each page, but there is no 'sign up'. It is common that if there is no sign up link, clicking login will give the option. But as fedorahosted uses browser-based authentication there is no opportunity to tell the user how they get an account on the system.

Perhaps the link should be: "Log in to Fedora" to hint that it as after your Fedora Project-wide login credentials (it's not obvious it's an integrated system, especially for the person who's not interested in Fedora per-se, just some of the software hosted here).

There should be a link: Sign Up, so that non-fedorans can get a fedora account (so that for example they can report bugs to fedora hosted projects).

Here is an example of an experienced developer and project maintainer failing to negotiate the byzantine login/registration system:


This problem could be solved by implementing a fedora-wide convention that at the top of each page which can be logged into with a fedora account -- the Trac instances, the wiki, packagedb etc. -- there is a blue horizontal bar which show the current login status. If you are logged in, it shows your name and a logout link, otherwise it shows a login link. It would also have an 'account' link, to change your password etc.

Having this common element on all Fedora websites would highlight that your fedora account is available here.

I do not know how to add the blue bar to trac, but I could provide you with instructions about how to add a signup link to the trac instance. There is a trac-plugin for this, but I need to look up the details.

Kevin suggested in [http://lists.fedoraproject.org/pipermail/infrastructure/2011-September/010842.html this mailing list post] that it may be better to hold off on this work until "we upgrade to new trac (our current version is very old)"

Has there been any work on this recently?

I just pushed a fix for this. ;)

It should be all in place now with "Fedora Account Login" and "Fedora Account Sign Up" buttons. :)

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