#4990 Cannot remove owners of mailing list
Closed: Fixed None Opened 6 years ago by sparks.

I'm trying to update the owners of the docs* mailing lists. Using the new interface, when I select the 'delete' button to the right of a person, the page redirects to the login page (https://lists.fedoraproject.org/archives/accounts/login/?next=/admin/lists/docs.lists.fedoraproject.org/remove/owner/quaid%40fedoraproject.org) even thought I'm already logged in.

Yeah, in the new admin permissions model, you have to be a site admin (not only a list owner) to remove a list owner. I also think that this is wrong, and I've opened this issue upstream: https://gitlab.com/mailman/postorius/issues/64.

In the meantime, I can remove the owner for you.

The bug has just been closed upstream, I'll rebuild the RPMs and deploy the changes soon.

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