#4970 Where is list administration interface?
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After migrating perl-devel list to mailman 3, I stopped receiving daily summary of e-mails pending for moderation.

The old administration URL https://admin.fedoraproject.org/mailman/admin/perl-devel still works, but it manages the off-lined mailmain 2 apparently.

The new interface https://lists.fedoraproject.org/admin/lists/perl-devel.lists.fedoraproject.org/ does not recognize me as the mailing list owner after loggin ing. It even offers me a subscription like I were not subscribed to the list:


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Logged in as: ppisar@fedoraproject.org
perl-devel - perl-devel@lists.fedoraproject.org

Fedora perl development team
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I don't know how to moderate the mailing list in mailmain 3. What am I doing wrong?

Login to the new interface, go to "my settings" and "add email address" and enter your @redhat.com address.

Click the verify link you get in your @redhat.com email and then try and moderate the list.

The moderator is ppisar@redhat.com, so it won't let you manage it until you have that address added.

That works. Thanks.

I think the Mailmain could retrieve e-mail address from FAS via OpenID.

Yeah, thats planned (or even done now), but some accounts were created before that...

We could close this or keep it open about the lack of reminder mails for moderation (which is still the case).

I'm getting moderator emails here for all my lists.

Please re-open if you are still not seeing any moderator emails...

I'm sorry but it seems I do not get daily moderation notifications for perl-devel. I did not purge the moderation queue since 2016-06-01 and I have not received any notification yet.

It looks like this is an upstream bug, I reported it here: https://gitlab.com/mailman/mailman/issues/258

A temporary workaround would be to go to https://lists.fedoraproject.org/admin/lists/perl-devel.lists.fedoraproject.org/settings/automatic_responses and set the "Admin immed notify" setting to Yes.

Lets hope upstream fixes this soon and we will pick up the fix in the next upgrade...

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