#4951 Open Ports for openqa01.qa and openqa-stg01.qa
Closed: Fixed None Opened 7 years ago by tflink.

QA would like to start deploying more official openqa instances but before that can happen, we need some ports opened up.

For openqa01.qa (
* VPN to bastion01.phx2 and bastion02.phx2

For openqa-stg01.qa (
* HTTP to proxy01.stg

Note that I'm assuming that the layout described in #4949 or something very close to that will end up happening so we don't have to redo this later.

Internal ticket submitted.

This should now be complete.

I tested this and while openqa01.qa can connect to the vpn and talk to the production proxys, openqa-stg01.qa cannot talk to proxy01.stg on port 80.

From proxy01.stg:
* curl http://openqa-stg01.qa.fedoraproject.org/ times out
* curl times out
* traceroute -T -p 80 openqa-stg01.qa.fedoraproject.org stops at the gateway

This should now be complete.

It got fixed a while back, but I failed to close the ticket.

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