#4900 Grant admin permission in staging Koji to mizdebsk
Closed: Fixed None Opened 3 years ago by mizdebsk.

(This ticket was originally submitted in rel-eng trac as [https://fedorahosted.org/rel-eng/ticket/6172 #6172], but I decided to move it here as a better place to resolve this issue.)

Please grant me (user "mizdebsk") admin permission in '''staging''' Koji.

I am Koschei sysadmin. I need admin permission on staging Koji for purposes of testing Koschei, precisely for purpose of:
- running regen-repo tasks
- there are almost no new builds in staging, so kojira is not regenerating repo
- Koschei is smart enough not to try to build one package in the same repo_id more than once
- new repo has to be generated from time to time, even if no package changed, to keep Koschei working
- manipulating package lists
- adding packages - Koschei should quickly discover newly added packages
- removing or blocking packages - Koschei should gracefully handle packages being removed or blocked from tag listings
- blocking packages in build group - this will break buildroots, Koschei should detect and properly handle such situation
- cancelling tasks submitted by Koschei builds - sometimes koschei misbehaves and it's necessary to cancel scratch builds it submitted
- testing other things that may come up in future

Koschei is highly dependant on Koji - it relies on it for most aspects of its operation. Testing Koschei properly requires simulating some corner cases in Koji. While some of the above things could be achieved by other means, they are impractical and would require much more effort compared with doing these things directly in Koji.

One of alternatives to granting me admin permission is involving one of existing staging Koji admins in the process of testing Koschei. One disadvantage of this solution is timezone difference - most of active staging Koji admins are in US timezones, while all Koschei developers are from Europe. Secondly, most of people are busy with their work and granting me admin permission seems simpler. But I'd be satisfied if an existing staging Koji admin volunteered to help me test Koschei.

ok. I have added you provisionally now... and we will revisit next week and see what all you used the permissions for. :)

I don't see any particular problems caused by this. Closing.

My admin permission was not persisted in ansible, so it was revoked by [https://apps.fedoraproject.org/datagrepper/id?id=2015-f20a9f4b-ff50-4356-8737-04c0a36e5406&size=extra-large a run of playbooks/manual/staging-sync/koji.yml]. Please re-add the permission and apply the patch provided by me to prevent further regressions.

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