#4894 Enable nested KVM for cloud instances
Closed: Fixed None Opened 7 years ago by adamwill.

Hi, infra folks. QA has been talking to infra about moving our openQA deployment into the infra cloud, which would get it out from behind the Red Hat firewall. I did a quick test deployment this morning and it basically worked - but it's not viable for real use, because we can't use KVM inside the cloud. For info, a deployment basically looks like this:

The cloud instance hosts several docker containers. One contains the openQA web UI (and scheduler). One is a data container (to isolate openQA data and configuration from the host system). The others contain openQA 'worker' nodes, which are the things that actually run the tests.

The 'worker' nodes basically live to fire up virtual machines and do tests in them, and it's there we need accelerated virt. So basically, we need to be able to run qemu-kvm inside a docker container running on a cloud instance. If we can do that, we can do the whole thing, I think.

It seems that nested KVM inside openstack is at least theoretically possible - Google gives several results, http://www.marcoberube.com/archives/293 looked interesting to me. But I know nothing of the details.

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