#4817 Generated Indexes for user public_html/* directories are not rendered well
Closed: Fixed None Opened 7 years ago by tflink.

= bug description =

With the migration of fedorapeople, there have been a few changes in configuration. One of those changes was to how the indexes are generated (IndexOptions FancyIndexing), going from an HTML table to preformatted text.

Some of the CSS used for the generated indexes assume that the content has a specified height (which HTML tables do). The preformatted text, however, does not and the footer stays in a static place at the bottom of the page as it was first rendered.

= bug analysis =

Removing the FancyIndexing option does keep the footer in the correct place but is neither the prettiest thing ever nor does it look like the old fedorapeople.

= fix recommendation =

Put the HTML and CSS used for the generated indexes into ansible and tweak until the generated indexes look like they used to.

Allowing FancyIndexes would be an added bonus because it doesn't use a table for layout :)

Is this mostly solved at this point?

I think we adjusted things so it is, but do reopen if not.

It's functionally addressed for now - the footer isn't blocking any of the generated index any more. However, it's still a bit on the ugly side and UTF-8 chars in filenames still aren't supported.

I still intend to fix this, just keep getting distracted by other bits :-/

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