#470 Delete system-config-keyboard from CVS repository
Closed: Fixed None Opened 13 years ago by lkundrak.

Module: redhat-config-keyboard

The development continued here and also on elvis after this was copied from elvis. The repositories should be merged and imported as a standard fedorahosted project.

Please send me a copy of raw cvs root, so I can convert it into subversion repository for import into fedorahosted and merge the changes.

The repository should also be either removed, or made read-only, so that no further commits occur.


Sorry for the wait. I wasn't able to remove/disable the repository, but you're the only person with commit access to it, so it should be fine :)

Ricky thanks.

Now that the new sources is imported in fedorahosted SVN, the only thing that's left is deleting the CVS repository. (And one from elvis, sigh ...)

This looks to have been removed from both locations now. Closing ticket.

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