#47 GIT repository for thetango
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I require a git repository for thetango. If you need more/less detailed info that what is below please do not hesitate to ping me on irc, email, or even through this ticket.

Name of project: thetango

Short Description of Project:

The problems associated with bootstrapping an OS on a new architecture have been around for a long time. The issues with doing so are numerous -- how to build, what order should the packages in the OS be built in, how to identify build dependencies, etc. Determining a build map, or build tree, would go a long way in decreasing the time to entirely rebuild or bootstrap an architecture.

As a starting point, a brute force build method of repeatedly traversing the F7 SRPM list alphabetically was done. This resulted in approximately 2500 packages built over a week -- far short of the complete list of SRPMS. The frequency of successful builds slowed down dramatically after this number of SRPMS were built. The perl-* SRPMS are particularily nasty ...

thetango attempts to resolve the build problem by taking a set of SRPMS and building build trees by evaluating the dependencies between the potential resulting binary RPMs, and determining the build tree for individual SRPMS.

Repo type: git

Repo name: thetango

FAS account of project admin: prarit

New "short" description:

This package contains a library that takes a list of SRPMS and determines
dependency trees between them. The result is an ordered list of SRPMS required to build a specific SRPM..

Please approve yourself for the gitthetango group so that I can set permissions correctly.

Git repo setup.

write access via:
git clone ssh://git.fedoraproject.org/git/hosted/thetango

anon access via:
git clone git://git.fedoraproject.org/git/hosted/thetango

Trac instance setup

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