#4689 [ansible] Fix paths to main.cf in postfix_basic.yml
Closed: Fixed None Opened 4 years ago by mizdebsk.

= bug description =
Paths to Postfix {{{main.cf}}} files are not correct in {{{tasks/postfix_basic.yml}}} Ansible playbook.

= bug analysis =
This looks like regression introduced in commit {{{ead766259}}}. This commit renamed Postfix config files from {{{postfix/main.cf}}} to {{{postfix/main.cf/main.cf}}} and updated paths in {{{roles/base/tasks/main.yml}}}, but left {{{tasks/postfix_basic.yml}}} unchanged.

= fix recommendation =
Attached patch fixes the problem.

This was partially fixed in {{{3215feb1}}}, but that fix was incomplete.

Applied, thanks!

I will re-run playbooks afected today.

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