#4514 Subnetworks for tenants
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I finished base of new Fedora Cloud playbook.
Now I need to know which subnets will be assigned to which tenants. Each tenant, should have separate network, which is isolated from other tenants.
This assigment can not be easily changed, therefore we should assign big enough subnets for future grow of each tenant.

Currently we have those tenants:
- { name: persistent, desc: "persistent instances" }
- { name: qa, desc: "" }
- { name: transient, desc: 'transient instances' }
- { name: infrastructure, desc: "" }
- { name: cloudintern, desc: 'project for the cloudintern under mattdm' }
- { name: cloudsig, desc: 'Fedora cloud sig folks.' }
- { name: copr, desc: 'Copr tenant for the buildsys' }
- { name: pythonbots, desc: 'project for python build bot users - twisted, etc' }
- { name: scratch, desc: 'scratch and short term instances' }
+ base admin tenenat.
So - which subnets I should use for each tenant?

In the old cloud I think we just let it assign a class c to each one.

I would think that would probibly be big enough for now for any of them, so lets just pick a 172.x.x.x class C for each and call it good?

Per discussion on IRC meeting, we will use.
172.16.x.x -- 172.31.x.x class B networks for current tenants.

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