#4488 SSL certificate for http://fed-cloud09.cloud.fedoraproject.org
Closed: Fixed None Opened 6 years ago by msuchy.

= phenomenon =
We need SSL certificate for the new OpenStack instance.
Can you please generate one and provide PEM encode certificate and Keyfile correcponding to the certificate?

Can you store it in ed-cloud09.cloud.fedoraproject.org:/root and in ansible git on lockbox?

Self signed is ok for this, correct?

I guess so. For fed-cloud02 we have self signed too. And if it is good for fed-clou02, it is good for fed-cloud09 too. :)

Sorry for the late response.
The certificate and key are in ansible {{private}}/files/openstack/fed-cloud09.{pem,key}.
They are also on fed-cloud09.cloud.fedoraproject.org:/root/fed-cloud09.{pem,key}.

The certificate which you created expires on 10/05/2014.
Van you create some which last e.g. two years, please?

Sorry for this.
I just regenerated the certificate with a validity of one year and put it in ansible.

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