#4449 Cloud machine request for Koschei
Closed: Fixed None Opened 5 years ago by mizdebsk.

I would like to request an instance in Fedora Cloud that would be used
for running Koschei - a new continuous integration service for Fedora

Koschei is a service for continuously scratch-rebuilding RPM packages
in Fedora Koji instance when their build-dependencies change or after
some time elapse. It was announced on Fedora env-and-stacks and devel

Please create a generic machine for now (we will provide a customized
playbook once we manage to launch the service). The machine should
have at least 2 GB of memory and at least 4 GB of storage (persistent
storage is needed for storing database, but it can be a separate
volume). The machine needs a public IP address and ports 80 and 22
open. mizdebsk and msimacek should have root (or sudo) access.

Sorry for the delay here. ;)

What OS would you like on the instance?

rhel6? rhel7? centos7? fedora20?

(there's some odd issue with our rhel7 image, so if you want that it might need some fixing before it's usable).

Fedora 20 would be perfect. Thanks.

Sorry for the delay.

koschei.cloud.fedoraproject.org should be up and ready. There's a 4GB persistent volume on /dev/vdb. You will need to partition and format and mount it where you like.

Let us know if you need anything further.

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