#4383 migrate supybot puppet module to ansible
Closed: Fixed None Opened 6 years ago by adimania.

Migrate supybot puppet module to ansible. See ticket 4198 for an example that did this for migrating unbound instances.

From what I understand, there are two supybots, meetbot and zodbot. Both of them are installed via different packages, supybot-meetbot and supybot-fedora. In puppet these are two different modules. Do we want two different roles and playbooks for this? Or do we want just one and may be we can use environment vars, "zodbot" and "meetbot", (like we do for staging) and install appropriate packages.

Can anyone suggest anything better or have any comments?

Thats not the case. ;)

There's one supybot we run called 'zodbot'.

supybot-meetbot is a meeting plugin

supybot-fedora is a plugin that has various fedora functions.

The base bot package is 'supybot-gribble'.

So, I'd say lets have one role 'supybot'. If we wanted to get fancy we could use variables for the name 'zodbot' and what plugins are loaded? (in case we ever want to run different ones), but thats really not needed for a first cut.

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