#438 Fix CLA process on wiki for ease of use

Created 9 years ago by pfrields
Modified 9 years ago

We have been given the blessing to use a one-click agreement to the CLA. No GPG required, no cumbersome signing process. Fill in your personal info and click to indicate you've read and agree to the CLA, and create a Fedora account.

Now consider our wiki Edit screen. Legal really wants us to have CLA agreement for anyone editing the wiki. We want that process to be as low-drag as possible. So imagine this:

If the user hits Submit, and is not logged in, request the login, along with a "Create an Account (30 seconds)" link.

The link either goes to a new page, or pops up a little JavaScripty, Web2.0-y box that collects the minimum info needed for FAS2. A link is included to the CLA and an agreement button. The agreement and link appear above the button:

"I have read and agree to the terms of the
[Fedora Contributor License Agreement].
|I agree|"

Upon creation of the account, the user is returned to their edit without losing his work, and can then submit it:

"By pressing 'Submit', you agree to the
terms of the [WikiLicense].
|Submit| |Cancel| ..."

I'm going to call this "critical" because it's hooked to a major messaging point for Fedora 9 -- that our contributor ease of access is significantly increased.

I've officially heard from Legal that this implementation is OK. No GPG key ID is required now for CLA signing. They would still like address and phone number, but because the GPG key only binds email together but doesn't anchor it to a verified true person, it's not necessary according to Legal.

So the CLA agreement page at https://admin.fedoraproject.org/accounts/user/edit/<username> should only require postal address and telephone number. I think the page should probably be rearranged to make this clearer, and move the supplementary info (IRC nick, GPG key, SSH key) underneath the other info (address, phone).

The https://admin.fedoraproject.org/accounts/user/view/<username> page should probably use the link "Complete it!" instead of "Sign it!", since there's no real signature needed now.

Is the page https://admin.fedoraproject.org/accounts/cla/ really needed? It just seems to be an intermediate page with a link to where account holders want to go already. If it is needed, then change the word "sign" to "complete" here.

Legal agreed to an actual statement with a link (see comment above) so when people click an "I agree" button, they are well informed about the terms to which they're agreeing.

we've added a check for postal address and telephone number now. They are redirected to the edit page and told to fill that information out.

paul is this still something we need done for F9 or will it be ok to get it done with the wiki migration (happening shortly after F9 ships) ?

If you're talking about doing something with the ''existing'' wiki -- my opinion is that spending any time on "integrating" the old wiki at this point is a waste of resources. Let's concentrate on FAS2 for the new wiki, and I realize that may not happen by F-9. AIUI, we're only talking about a matter of a few weeks out from F-9 release.

Moving the milestone to F10 (wait on mediawiki)

I think this is done now :-) Feel free to reopen if otherwise.

Certainly looks so to me. :-)

As always, awesome job gentlemen.

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