#421 Fedora Mirror Space

Created 8 years ago by mmcgrath

Alrighty, so here are the numbers. Right now we have 96G free. We still have 4 more releases including F9 to do before April 29th. Each of the pre-releases seem to be around 41G. So thats: {{{ 41G - March 13 - Beta 41G - April 10 - Preview Release }}} Estimates for the final release (With all of its hoopla) and the release candidate are no more than 150G each is currently at (https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-infrastructure/ticket/412). So thats 300G for the both of those. For the official F9 release we're looking at 382G.

After F9 ships we'll need around 70G of space for F9 updates and testing updates. Bringing the total up to 452G

Shooting for just the F9 release of ia64 we're looking at another 40G. This puts our estimates at 492G total, or 396G needed to be freed.

Identified areas of possible deletion: {{{ 29G core/2 24G core/3 6.1G extras/3 23G core/test/6.90 26G core/test/6.91 27G core/test/6.92 25G core/test/6.93 26G releases/test/7.90 27G releases/test/7.92

213.1 total. }}}

We're 183G short according to our current estimates.

Known issues this release around: * We may have to keep our test releases for 3 years. Its possible export restrictions were done with the test release. * More test releases then previously * One of the test releases is as big as the formal release * ia64 was unplanned for this release.

Right now we have {{{ 29G core/2 24G core/3 3.6G core/updates/1 6.2G core/updates/2 7.9G core/updates/3 215M core/updates/testing/1 47M core/updates/testing/2 217M core/updates/testing/3 }}}

on spinning redundant disks in Westford. This is temporary storage until we have a long term online solution ready, as well as archival tape storage of the content. Currently rsyncing is:

{{{ 6.1G extras/3 }}}

This would allow us to remove all that content from the master mirror share.

Left up for discussion is removal of the test releases from F7 (Test 1,2,3) as well as removal of F9 Alpha/Beta/Pre at Fedora 9 release time.

I will bring up the question of deleting test content with Legal -- i.e. if it didn't go through the export approval process, there is no 3-year clock.

{{{ 6.1G extras/3 }}}

is now synced to Westford.

Update from legal, do not need to keep things for 3 years for export reasons. Only have to concern ourselves with GPL, and since we haven't been issuing written offers, we should be clear to remove anything that isn't currently getting updates, that is all the way through Core 6.

Next up to be synced is: {{{ 23G core/test/6.90 26G core/test/6.91 27G core/test/6.92 25G core/test/6.93 38G core/4 40G core/5 47G core/6 13G core/updates/4 17G core/updates/5 27G core/updates/6 1.7G core/updates/testing/4 303M core/updates/testing/5 7.1G core/updates/testing/6 26G releases/test/7.90 27G releases/test/7.92

344.8 total }}}

This is on top of the 76.1G we already synced down, freeing up roughly 421G

Hrm, my math above may be a little wrong, but here is some du output:

{{{ 358G core/ 26G releases/test/7.90 27G releases/test/7.92

411 total }}}

New estimates for the beta are 48G:

07:57 < f13> mmcgrath: looks like the Beta is taking up 48G of space.

An increase of about 17% from the estimate though I don't suspect this will block us.

Looks like there's two tickets.

Final space tally for F9 is:

114G /pub/fedora/linux/releases/9/

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