#4208 request Simplified Chinese instance of Ask Fedora
Closed: Fixed None Opened 8 years ago by alick.

Hi, we would like to have an instance of Ask Fedora in Simplified Chinese. Currently we have the following volunteers as moderators:


Can you take a look at:


and confirm that the locale looks ok there before I enable it in the main site? I want to make sure I got the configuration correct.

The locale is correct. But the word on the top left corner is better to be 'Simplified Chinese', and the url zh_cn instead of zh in order to avoid confusion.

ok. I have made those adjustments to the stg site... can you check it again?

If all looks well we can enable the same in production. :)

Looks good. Please enable it in production. Thanks :)

Done. ;)

Please let us know if you need anything further.

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