#42 Ex-Core packages don't find Makefile.common from a "rpms" checkout
Closed: Fixed None Opened 12 years ago by scop.

After checking out "rpms" from CVS, ex-Core packages' Makefiles in devel and F-7 don't find Makefile.common. More details:

Crude fix (for illustration purposes - would trump all "non-standard" Makefile changes):

How is it that you can't find the common file? Are you using a different checkout layout than doing "co <module>" and getting <module>/common/ <module>/devel/ <module>/F-7/ ? This is the way that almost everybody I talk to uses the CVS system and thus why this ticket isn't getting attention. It doesn't seem "broken" to anybody else.

N/m, I should read the ticket closer.

So when you check out all of rpms/ where do you expect common to be? It seems that rpms/common doesn't exist, so you have to check it out manually. If you're going to go down the path of checking out the entire rpms tree, couldn't you then check out the common dir and loop through putting in symlinks from <package>/common to the actual place you checked out common?

rpms/common does appear on a full "rpms" checkout, it's done in CVSROOT/modules:

rpms rpms &common

I've fixed all devel/Makefiles, but it doesn't make sense for me to try to commit these, there are just too many ACL denials. The patch is at http://scop.fedorapeople.org/scripts/makefile-fix/devel-makefiles.patch.gz and the script + template patch I used is in the same dir.

In the process of applying. Will complete eventually.

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