#41 Please 'svn load' contents ofnss_compat_ossl tarball : svn.fedoraproject.org/svn/hosted/identity/common
Closed: Fixed None Opened 12 years ago by mlum.

Please remove all content from the SVN repository: svn.fedoraproject.org/svn/hosted/identity/common/

I need to re-import what's there, as I imported the wrong converted CVS source, and can't seem to remove this remotely (issues with version of Subversion client, can't seem to work around this, do I even have access to doing this remotely?).

Let me know. Thanks! I'm assigning this to Mike McGrath, since he's most familiar with the set-up of this repo for Identity Management.

This is need ASAP (and with the nature of the fix, should be pretty quick).

You should have a fresh-newly created repo. I've made a backup of the old repo incase something gets lost.

The following URL refers to a tarball that needs to be unpacked, and 'svn load'-ed into the identity/common repository:


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