#396 List of *all* fedorahosted projects
Closed: Fixed None Opened 13 years ago by glezos.

We should have a list somewhere of all the projects on fedorahosted, regardless of Trac or VCS type.

Maybe at the frontpage of fedorahosted.org itself, with a new column containing the trac symbol for those projects with trac.

huzaifas, this could be another interesting python project. Low priority (lower then the maps) but if you're interested accept the ticket.

We already have:

as the front page, The only problem i see here is that it does not include any projects which dont have trac, may be we can expand this to include that as well.

While it's easy enough to put up links to the various VCSes, I have no idea how difficult it will be to get information about the various projects within them.

Also, the front page will need to be rethought out since the list will be very long.

I made several changes to the build script, the Makefile (which I just saw will need a slight change, as soon as this upload finishes crawling though :() and the templates (I am using a bit of jquery there)... if someone could take a look and give feedback, I uploaded it to my fpeople public_git http://fedorapeople.org/gitweb?p=kad/public_git/fedora-web.git;a=summary (should update shortly).
Also, I don't know what's needed to get sponsored to 'web' so I can push changes directly... if any sponsor can/want to I'll be a very happy bunny :)
What I'm missing: I think getting the license from jquery... I don't know what else comes to your minds.


oh, I forgot, I asked huzaifas on IRC if it would be ok for me to tackle this one, he was ok :) (in case you're wondering)

This is done at the moment, see for yourself the changes... If there's anything else you would like to be added/changed to the homepage, let us know :)

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