#395 Audio Streaming of Fedora Board Conference Calls
Closed: Fixed None Opened 15 years ago by jcollie.

The Fedora Board would like to host monthly "town hall"-style meetings where the general public can listen live to the Fedora Board's meeting. The ability to have non-board members speak to the board would be extremely handy as well.

Jeff -- could I trouble you for a status update on this? Thanks!

Well, the Asterisk server is up and running and seems to be working well for basic calls and conferences. We've gotten FAS set up to provision SIP accounts. Next steps is getting the audio streaming hooked back up. The next step is to figure out how exactly we want the public meetings to work...

Fedora Talk has been closed out as of 2011-05-05.

Closing this ticket as well. In the event it's revived, we can reopen this ticket at that time.

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