#3929 add fedmsg messages for koji scratch builds
Closed: Fixed None Opened 8 years ago by ralph.

Right now, koji only publishes fedmsg messages for real-deal builds. There is a request (from the badges camp) to get fedmsg messages for scratch builds as well. There are surely other applications.

This ticket is a reminder to not let it slip through the cracks, but also to provide a forum for any discussion on whether it should be done or not.

The koji fedmsg plugin is kept in puppet and can be modified there.

Such a notification would also be useful if we want to keep an eye on whether folks are using Koji scratch-builds for unapproved tech (such as building patches with legal issues). Furthermore, it could be useful for gathering statistics about what users/groups are doing with scratch builds (I know at least some projects use koji scratch-builds for performing nightly or CI builds of their upstream source repositories).

We'd like to see this on the kernel team too. The nodebug builds are done via scratch builds and getting fedmesg notifications would make some things much easier.

Okay, message for scratch builds are being published now.

They won't show up in #fedora-fedmsg until the their metadata process is merged and release: https://github.com/fedora-infra/fedmsg_meta_fedora_infrastructure/pull/51 But that should happen soon.

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