#3765 wiki login timeout too short
Closed: Fixed None Opened 8 years ago by duffy.

i edit a wiki page, think all my work is saved, come back to the tab an hour later and my edits are still sitting there, pending a math problem. i submit the math problem. then the wiki tells me i'm not logged in anymore and if im not careful i lose a ton of work. i logged in specifically to make this edit, and no more than an hour passed from the time i logged in to the time i was told i was no longer logged in.

i've observed very short wiki login timeouts for a long while now, but this is the first time i noticed it and was confident my session was logged out for a specific time block - in this case, no more than an hour (potentially half an hour.)

So, I wonder if this is a issue with the confirmedit thing (the part that asks for the math problem when you have urls in the edit).

Can you see if you can duplicate it with places/commits where you don't have to enter the math problem?

I will work on testing this with both Firefox/Chrome and also adding urls and just plain editing and report my results back to the ticket.

I have tested this with multiple browsers and computers, both Fedora Linux and Microsoft Windows. My edits included both standard edits and adding links so that the confrimedit came up. I have also had Mitzie help me with this test with different browsers as well as different edits. The timeout is around 1hr for both standard edits and adding links. I have since talked to Mizmo and she has not been doing any heavy editing, so it has not been too noticeable. I have come to the conclusion that the timeout is working as intended, and have not noticed any timeouts under one hour. I am going to close this ticket and if someone notices the timeout being short again please open another ticket.

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