#367 L10N owners.list not updating Bugzilla

Created 9 years ago by asgeirf
Modified 9 years ago

Changes on the owners.list file on cvs [1] does not seem to be reflected on bugzilla.
Is this done manually?

[1] http://cvs.fedora.redhat.com/viewcvs/owners/?root=l10n

bugzilla is populated via pkgdb and has been for quie some time now

I'm not familiar with the l10n owners.list. We could be updating something in Bugzilla with it as a quick glance seems to show it has a different purpose from the pkgdb.

Dimitris, are you familiar with what could be going wrong here?

No, it used to sync and after some additions it doesn't. My guess would be it's invalid (an email there not in bugzilla?)

Warren might know?

Toshio, do you know whats going on with this?

Nope. Talked with warren on IRC and he thinks that jeremy might have set this up. Jeremy, can you shed any light on this?

Hi all, Are there any good news?

It looks like this script never got changed over to using XML-RPC for bugzilla access rather than direct db access

Working on this now.


We've got a fair amount of new components that don't show up on Bugzilla yet. :)

Is it possible to have an ETA for this? Some people are nervous shipping F9 without ready Bugzilla components for their languages.

Porting of the script is done and it is ready to be deployed. Unfortunately it won't work until some changes are made. Namely, the owners.list file currently contains some email addresses that aren't bugzilla accounts:

ljuwaida @fedoraproject.org
fedora-trans-bal @redhat.com
fedora-trans-bg @redhat.com
smc-discuss @googlegroups.com
fedora-ro @googlegroups.com
alajal @gmail

Once those have either been changed to email addresses already in bugzilla or accounts are created for those users, the script should start syncing.

Deployment done. Bugzilla is synced every hour at 20 past. These are the remaining problems:

'component': u'Arabic [ar]', 'initialowner': u'ljuwaida @fedoraproject.org'
'component': u'Bulgarian [bg]', 'initialcclist': [u'fedora-trans-bg @redhat.com'
'component': u'Malayalam [ml]', 'initialqacontact': u'smc-discuss @googlegroups.com'
'component': u'Romanian [ro]', 'initialcclist': [u'fedora-ro @googlegroups.com']
'component': u'Urdu [Ur]', 'initialqacontact': u'alajal @gmail'

Once those email addresses are added into bugzilla or corrected in owners.list, everything should work. (Note: In testing, there seemed to be a slight delay in the component being added to bugzilla and being available to create bugs against.) Let me know if it goes on for more than a couple hours.

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