#3536 Add place for raw HTML content for fedorahosted project
Closed: Fixed None Opened 6 years ago by jsafrane.

= problem =
Our project generates its API documentation from source files. We would like to host this documentation on fedorahosted.org, where we have wiki, git, tickets etc.

IMHO the best would be some rsync or scp access to priject_member@fedorahosted.org/<whatever>/m/myproject/public_html

The content would be then available at fedorahosted.org/myproject/html/ or web.fedorahosted.org/myproject or whatever.

Of course, we need possibility to remove old content without trac tickets to admins, rsync --delete could be a way. ssh access to the directory would be ideal.

So, we discussed this and came up with a plan that will hopefully meet your needs:

For git repos that opt in, we will add a hook that clones the repo to a web accessable directory, which would be under https://fedorahosted.org/static/m/y/myproject/

This way you can check your docs into git and then just refer to them, edit them via git, etc.

Would that be workable for your use case?

Yes, it's workable in our use case. It looks a bit clumsy, git add / git rm / git push instead of simple scp or rsync, but we can cope with that.

Of course, we need separate git repo for static http content, but I guess a ticket solves that, we already have more repos anyway (fedorahosted.org/openlmi).

So, we never got anywhere with this. ;(

However, we now have pagure.io.

It has a docs git repo with every project.

Would this meet your needs?

Well, our project moved away from fedorahosted.org and we host our docs elsewhere. I'm no longer interested in this feature, feel free to close the ticket if I'm the only one 'customer'.

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