#3532 Newsletter instance at Fedora HU community
Closed: Fixed None Opened 7 years ago by zoltanh721.


As our community grows, we had received lately an wish that is that possible to push an newsletter to our members. We found an suitable free app called Mailchimp - that can be inserted well to our drupal instance. However, to make it work we need an mail domain registered to our domain, Currently our domain is hu.fedoracommunity.org, and to this app need an something@hu.fedoracommunity.org mail address too if that possible. If not, we need some advice how could it be done for this small community.



Sorry, for the mail address - we would like to have newsletter@hu.fedoracommunity.org.



Well, currently we are pointing hu.fedoracommunity.org to your site:

hu.fedoracommunity.org has address

So, email for that domain will also go to that site.

So, I think you will need to ask your provider of that site, or if you have root access, add the newsletter alias there yourself?

So, I am not sure there is anything we can do on this side... please reopen if there is.

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