#3501 let's lower the karma requirements on ask fedora until we have a bigger user base
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= phenomenon =

The default reputation limits here http://ask.fedoraproject.org/faq/ are reasonable for a site with a lot of active users. We only have ''one'' user above 2000, and six above 750 — and of those six, five are moderators or administrators. There are 25 users over 200.

= reason =

With a small community and the high restrictions, it's hard for people to get actively involved. Let's lower them until we're much more successful.

= recommendation =

Leaving upvoting at 15 is okay, since one good question or answer will get you that, and it's important for abuse prevention. and I don't think we want to really encourage downvoting yet, so 100 for that is good.

The most important ones are '''retagging''' and '''editing any answer'''. Let's bring these down to 200 so the current 25 most involved community members can help organize the site. If someone starts editing in a way that's problematic, we'll ask them to stop.

Then, we'll revisit this when we have more like 200 users with high rep.

I see retagging and can change it.

I don't see editing any answer as a option in the karma settings. ;(

Perhaps it's: "Edit posts authored by other people" but that seems like it would include questions, although I'm not
sure it matters as you say, the top 25 people probibly can be counted on. ;)

Yeah, actually, I meant editing questions — I was just copying from the faq, which says "answer". Editing questions is generally more important than editing answers, anyway. If an answer is wrong or can be improved, you can provide an alternate one.

Editing questions lets people fix up formatting and minor language errors, expand acronyms where appropriate, and otherwise make the questions more clear, which gets better answers and more importantly helps this be a knowledgebase rather than just a stream of very similar questions over and over again.

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