#3500 restrictions on tags are too strict in ask fedora
Closed: Fixed None Opened 8 years ago by mattdm.

= phenomenon =

  1. When editing a post, a handy drop-down list appears as you type a potential tag. Many of these are words like "partitioning". If you choose that, though, you'll get an error — tag length is restricted to 10 characters. This does not happen when using the retag button; that will allow longer tags.

  2. Posts are limited to two tags. (With either method of retagging.)

= reason =

I suppose these are the application defaults? I'm assuming that the 10 character limit is on purpose and that retagging loophole is a bug.

= recommendation =

  1. Increase the limit to at least as long as everything in the current list. Offhand, following Stack Exchange's lead in making it 24 or 25 seems fine.

  2. Five tags. Still makes you decide, but gives you enough to be descriptive.


  1. Increased to 25.

  2. Increased to 5.

Hmm. These somehow got reset. Put back.

Note that some of the help text still says "3".

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