#3482 RFC for status.fedoraproject.org
Closed: Fixed None Opened 7 years ago by remi.

= problem =
I have subscribe to the RSS flow.
All events have the same title

= analysis =
"Service change" is hardoced

= enhancement recommendation =
It will be great to have to global service message (such as "All systems go") used as title.
Will make RSS reader life easier.


I'll take this. Should be a pretty easy fix.

I've pushed a change to the upstream for this.

puiterwijk (CC'd), can you please review my changes from the fedorahosted repo, before I push them live?

Commit is ea9dcf3584b466bef20afc4e0dabd3ea73bf27f2.

I've pushed a change again, to make the machine-readable files just that, machine readable.

This has now been pushed to the live instance.
The new titles will take effect from the next status change on.

Thanks for this.

For the first time, I'm expecting a failure ;)

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