#3438 Request for a koji builder in staging
Closed: Fixed None Opened 9 years ago by ralph.

I'd like to work on a koji plugin in staging: http://bit.ly/OQrTr4

I think I'll need a koji builder in staging in order to work out all the kinks.

I believe skvidal already mentioned in IRC that he could use his ansible work to knock this one out, so I'm assigning him as owner.

so does that plugin go onto the builder or onto the hub?

I'd only planned on sticking it into the hub.

There might be some fun stuff we can get out of the builder though. Let's call that "phase 2".

Just pinging on this ticket. Is there anything I can do to help it along?

Well, it's a bit of a mess as our staging setup isn't really fully setup on the rel-eng side, although I would really like for it to be. ;)

If we can easily get koji01.stg talking to our builder network, I'd say lets just drop one builder from production and point it to koji01.stg. If we cannot, we could make a cloud network one. If we can't do that, lets just make a buildvm01.stg.

We may need more work on koji01.stg to make sure it can write things out and do a full build.

Ok. I'll cool my heels, then. :)

Ok, we have this plugin now working in production, so this ticket can be closed.

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