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Evaluate wordpress as a possible blog plugin for Fedora and Fedora users. This may also have economies of scale with Red Hat magazine and Fedora.tv. If it proves successful it will help us partner better with Red Hat magazine as well as provide yet another platform for us to commit to OpenID.

Please think twice about security. Or three times.

1) maybe a dupe of #178, and the wordpress-mu stuff we're already working on?

2) yeah, historically really bad security performance, but it is getting better, slowly. FORCE_ADMIN_SSL, FORCE_SSL_LOGIN, etc have helped a good bit, need a better story around container security (suhosin?) and a bunch of other things, but right now seems to be the only long-term viable open-source blogging platform.

wordpress-mu is actually in pretty good shape now. I'm going to unassign this in case anyone else is interested in working on it.

There's an instance up at http://publictest15.fedoraproject.org/wpmu

You can register for one to try it out if you want at http://publictest15.fedoraproject.org/wpmu/wp-signup.php

You MUST use your @fedoraproject.org email address to sign up or it will not allow you to login.

Oh, how I agree with lkundrak :-( So blogs.fp.o has been running for a while now, and I seem to be the only one keeping an eye on the latest vulnerabilities and hotfixing/patching them.

shakes fist at wordpress security issues

Closing this ticket. And if there's any way for us to back out of running wordpress now that there are a couple of blogs on it - I'm all ears. We're fine with moving translations to tx.net, so what's wrong with moving blogs to wordpress.com?

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