#33 Blackhole unused @fedoraproject.org addresses (cuts down on spam)
Closed: Fixed None Opened 12 years ago by jkeating.

A few email addresses are sent from for various reasons, however replies to those addresses are needlessly going to people / groups and catching a lot of spam.

Examples that I can think of:


I can't think of any reason why mail to these addresses should be delivered anywhere.

Ok, updates and fudcon-cfp now go to /dev/null (should we remove these aliases so they bounce? Or just leave them to go nowhere?

Item two, buildsys@fp.o. Currently it goes to sysadmin-build-members, not quite sure why yet. I'll have to look at the script (its not in aliases.template)

well, bouncing them may eventually lighten the spam load if the spammers drop the addresses, but maybe that's just wishful thinking. /dev/nulling may actually be best as we don't spend time on creating the bounce (and getting the bounce from the bounce...).

K, buildsys is an actual user. I've changed the email address to nobody@fedoraproject.org

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