#327 EL-updates from RHN should be in the buildroots for EPEL builds
Closed: Fixed None Opened 13 years ago by thl.

(this ticket is opened as discussed in this weeks EPEL-meeting https://www.redhat.com/archives/epel-devel-list/2008-January/msg00036.html )

The EPEL builders currently use the latest RHEL releases 4 and 5; but some packagers need to have the updates released by RH via RHN available in the buildroot as well for proper function.

Getting the updates from RHN into a repo (via reposync from yum-utils maybe?), running createrepo over them and adding that repo to the builders mock configs should do the trick.

Now I remember the problem. How are we going to do this with RHEL4? We can use reposync for RHEL5 (with a bit of voodoo) but I'm at a loss what to do for RHEL4.

I take that back, talking to seth he thinks it should be possible, going to test it to find out.

rhel4 i386 and x86_64 are synced down and will resync every day. ppc is going to be, umm, suffering until I figure out how to make the systemid work. I'll play some more and see what I can do.

ppc[64] is now synced down from rhn.

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